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Video Glitch Box

This was a pretty fun little thing to put together. A friend of mine who is a video artist gave me this little video mixer to play around with and this is the result. It can provide a pretty interesting range of video distortions, glitches, effects, etc. It's my first and only foray into circuit bending, and while it's maybe a little clumsy, I'd count it as a success.

Not knowing anything about video circuits, I started by just popping the mixer open, running my VHS copy of Star Wars through it, and poking around at the circuit board. I found a few nodes that seemed to create worthwhile effects when probed, so I wired those point up to a bank of banana jacks on the front panel. The separate box is more or less just a pot wired as a variable resistor (with a switchable DC-blocking capacitor), to be placed between any two of these points. At maximum resistance it doesn't usually have any effect on the signal, but as the resistance decreases, the signals in the mixer start to go haywire and we get some neat effects.

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